This Is where it all began, and still becoming!


Human beings are a distinctive creation. We are unlike all other creatures because we were created in the image of GOD. Scripture never describes any other creature or being as bearing GOD's image. This fact-that we are like GOD in a unique way-has extremely important implications, among them: (1) That as humans we can have a true knowledge of GOD-a knowledge that transcends mere information about GOD to actually knowing Him and relating to Him as a Person *John 17:3*. (2) That we can understand meaning and purpose in life in light of His nature *Ps. 89:15; Eccl. 12:13-14; Col. 3:10*. (3) That we are capable of being holy-that is, separated from evil-if we truly know GOD and obey Him *Eph. 4:24; 2 Pet. 1:3-4*.

So What's In It For US?   Do you ever wonder what we're going to get out of following CHRIST? Peter and the other disciples wondered. "We have left all and followed You," Peter told JESUS. "Therefore what shall we Have?" *Matt. 19:27*. In other words, "What's the payoff? What's in this for me?" Paul describes some of the payoff for believers in *Eph. 1:3-14*. Because so much of it lies in the future, in another mode of existence, the language is strange and hard to understand. But in *Eph. 1:11 he mentions an inheritance that is coming to us. What is it that we are going to receive "in CHRIST"? Simply this: all that GOD has prepared for CHRIST in "the fullness of the times" is going to be ours as well *Rom. 8:15-17*. This includes salvation from sin *Heb. 1:14*, everlasting life *Matt. 19:29*, and the kingdom of GOD *Matt. 25:34*. In fact, we will inherit GOD Himself! Is this just wishful thinking? No, GOD is already giving us glimpses of that inconceivable future. The HOLY SPIRIT lives inside us as a guarantee of things to come *Eph. 1:14*. He "seals" us, assuring that we remain in GOD's family and do not lose our inheritance. And while we move toward that day, He works within our lives to make us like CHRIST. Paul describes what that looks like in *Eph. 4-6*.

Thus far, Have You Accepted GOD's Plan, For Your Existence?



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